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One Network Framework

The One Network Road Classification (ONRC) system has become a core element of the New Zealand land transport management system over the past eight years, providing a consistent and well-understood classification baseline for a wide range of planning processes.

The project to evolve the ONRC to a new One Network Framework (ONF) aims to align the ONRC more closely with the Government’s outcomes focus areas. It recognises the value of integrated land and transport planning for creating greater liveability and prosperity, and acknowledges the distinct geographical challenges of our country’s transport network.

Introducing a more granular ‘Movement and Place’ approach will allow us to better consider different mode priorities, surrounding land use, community wellbeing, economic activity and growth aspirations for the future.

It will also provide an easy-to-understand common language that all transport, land use and urban planners can share, and help make the classification system more localised and applicable for all REG members.

Aerial map showing Great South Road to Parnell Rise in Auckland Central.

The new classifications in the ONF will help to provide more detail on the function of corridors, and differentiate areas of on-street activity.
Full size image [PDF, 3.3 MB]

Following high level design processes and workshops in 2019, a REG working group is now developing and testing the new framework’s detailed design and developing revised customer levels of service components. The aim is to deliver these in later 2020 in time to support RCAs who wish to trial the new framework in their applications for the 2021–24 RLTP/NLTP funding round.

A full implementation plan will then roll out to support widespread implementation of the ONF for the next 2024–27 RLTP/NLTP funding round.

Learn more about the ONF and how you can apply it in your work on the following pages, or contact the ONF project team at