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We're preparing for the 2021–24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) and want to share more about the development work happening across Waka Kotahi.

We’re pleased to share Arataki: Our plan for the Land Transport System. This is our view of what is needed to deliver on the government’s current priorities and long-term objectives for the land transport system. It shares the evidence that has informed our view and helps everyone better understand the future impact our choices and decisions for investment will have on shaping the land transport system. We’re now working on Version two and expect to release this in August 2020.

We’ve released the Final Design Report from the Investment Decision-Making Framework (IDMF) review. We’ll be consulting separately on the Investment Prioritisation Method soon.

You can read more about these pieces of work:

The Ministry of Transport has developed the draft 2021 Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (GPS). The 2021 GPS is intended to be finalised in August 2020 to allow for Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTPs) and the 2021–24 NLTP to reflect the Government’s priorities.

You can read more about this on the Ministry of Transport’s website(external link).

Developing regional land transport plans

An RLTP sets out a region’s land transport objectives, policies, and measures for at least 10 financial years, as required under section 16 of the Land Transport Management Act 2003. The direction set by an RLTP is an essential part of the strategic context for any land transport investment proposal.

Land Transport Management Act 2003(external link)

RLTPs are prepared by Regional Transport Committees, or Auckland Transport in the case of Auckland, every six years. The Land Transport Management Act 2003 sets out in detail the requirements of an RLTP, including the requirement to complete a review of an RLTP during the six-month period before the end of the third year of the plan.

What does an RLTP contain?

RLTPs describe the region’s long-term vision and identify its short- to medium-term investment priorities to move towards this vision. They also include a regional programme of transport activities proposed for funding over the next three to six years.

RLTPs are the primary vehicle for discussing and agreeing a clear set of regional outcomes, priorities and improvement projects in the land transport space. They describe the gap between where we are and where we need to get to, along with the programme of activities needed to bridge that gap. Therefore, RLTPs tell a powerful story about a region and its aspirations.

For Waka Kotahi, RLTPs are more than just a list of activities or projects that funding is being sought for – they tell the story what really matters to a region, how investment in different activities will achieve the community’s outcomes and where change is most needed.

An RLTP that applies the Business Case Approach (BCA) principles will inform and drive investment across all funding sources. It presents a compelling case for land transport investment for local, regional and national investors.