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Are you teaching someone how to drive or helping them get ready? Here you’ll find information you can trust to help make the best driving decisions with your learner driver.

First, make sure your learner is ready and safe

Coaches play a big part in helping young people learn to drive. We all rely on coaches to help learners stay safe on our roads and keep other road users safe around them.

We know this can be a difficult or stressful time with lots of new information and rules to follow. It helps to make sure your learner driver is prepared.

Remember, learning to drive is ongoing

The learning doesn’t stop.  Learners need coaches to guide them through to the restricted and full stages too.

A supervisor’s responsibility

A learner driver must always have a supervisor with them when they drive. When you’re supervising a learner, you’re the one who is responsible for the safety of everyone in the vehicle.

Find out who can be a supervisor

DRIVE: a great tool for learner drivers

DRIVE(external link) is our new website and learning tool for drivers. It’s free to use and packed with helpful tools and information that make learning to drive easy and fun. We recommend coaches take a look – there’s even a section on coaching young drivers.

Your learner is watching

Remember that every time you get behind the wheel, your learner is watching. Every time your learner drives with you as their coach, they rely on you to give them the best advice.

Other options for learning

You might like to explore the option of having a professional driving instructor to support your coaching. You can find a range of driving instructors online and in the yellow pages. 

Know the road rules

As a coach, it may have been a long time since you looked at the road rules. Brush up on your knowledge of the road code, think about any bad habits you may have when you’re driving, and turn each car ride into a fun experience by getting your learner involved.

Check The official New Zealand road code(external link)

Learner licence conditions

There are special conditions learners need to follow, for example:

  • they must be accompanied by a supervisor at all times
  • they can carry passengers but their supervisor has to agree as they will be responsible for them.

Find out more about learner licence conditions

Find out who can be a supervisor

Learner licence penalties

Breaking learner licence conditions (and breaking the law) means your learner driver could get penalties like demerit points and fines.

Find out more about demerit points and fines

See the complete list: Land Tansport (Offences and Penalties) Regulations 1998(external link)

A learner’s test results

Please note that we can’t automatically give you information about your learner’s test results, even if you’re their parent or caregiver. We need permission from the learner to discuss their test with anybody else, so if you call us, please make sure your learner is with you to give permission.